We’ll teach you how to create genuine works of art using solely the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). How to find ideas, how to use AI effectively, and how to earn with the help of AI.




We’ll teach you how to create genuine works of art using solely the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). How to find ideas, how to use AI effectively, and how to earn with the help of AI.

Firstly, let’s clarify:


AI is artificial intelligence, like a smart robot that, with our instructions, can create new images, stories, or poems using what it has already seen or heard. It helps us create new, original, and exciting things in a fun way. All the images you see on this site were made with the help of AI.


AI is available to everyone today. The internet allows us to communicate with this smart robot through various websites and programs that we will teach you to use. All we have to do is type a message to AI about what we want it to make for us.

For example, if we write to AI to create a picture of beautiful flowers, here’s what it’ll create:

Not bad, right? This is an image AI made for us in just a few seconds from a simple short message, and it’s completely original – now it’s our work, and we have the copyright as if we took the photo ourselves. But that’s not the end. AI can also create a much prettier picture of beautiful flowers if we know how to communicate with it.

WOW! AI created this image when we described the flowers a little better, the light in the picture, the colors to use… This already looks like a work of art. But it can get even better!

This is what it looks like when a creative idea of floating flowers is added. Now we have an unusual image that will surely attract attention. Such images, which have a good idea and are beautiful, sell easily.

And what we know

is very important:


This approach to art has numerous advantages.

Firstly, it saves money and time because you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment, materials, tools, or space.

Secondly, AI technology allows for faster and more efficient experimentation with different styles and techniques, which can speed up the learning process and the development of artistic expression.

Thirdly, this way of working provides an opportunity for those who have not had access to art education to explore their creativity and talents.

You don’t need a powerful computer, equipment or space, just internet access, and you can do everything on your phone.

So, generating AI images opens the door to art for a wide range of people, making it accessible and inclusive to all interested parties, regardless of financial means.



Study of trends, artistic styles, and market research to identify what is current and in demand.

Developing ideas

Brainstorming and creative thinking exercises that will help you come up with innovative ideas for your AI images.

Finding inspiration

Searching various sources, such as Pinterest, Behance, Instagram… to find inspiration for your AI projects.

Writing prompts

Prompts are the messages we send to AI, and it’s essential to formulate clear and precise instructions for AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and Stable Diffusion to get the best results.

Generating AI images

Using AI tools to create images based on inspiration and written prompts.

Selection and refinement

Reviewing generated images, selecting the best, and possibly editing or combining images to achieve a perfect look.


Optimizing images for stock websites, entering keywords and descriptions to increase your chances of sale.

Analysis and improvement

Tracking the success of your AI images on stock websites, learning from experience, and improving your creative process according to the results.


We are some of the most renowned stock photographers in the world, and already have our photography courses completed by over 2000 people from all over the Europe. Over the past year, we’ve been learning about AI technologies and techniques daily, perfecting our knowledge, and transferring our long-standing photography experience into creating AI images. We’ve made a series of clear tutorials and examples that anyone can follow to achieve great results.

We know you probably


So, here’s a brief overview of how the course works:


Hey! We understand that you might be unsure if this course is the right choice for you, but trust us when we say that we’ve designed it with a lot of love and care to help you develop your creativity and achieve your dreams.

This course offers you the opportunity to explore the world of AI art, regardless of your previous experience. Sometimes it’s hard to take the first step, but we’re here to provide you with the support and knowledge you need to succeed in this exciting endeavor.

So, relax, sign up for the course, and discover a world of unlimited creative possibilities. Don’t waste time overthinking – together, we’ll make your ideas come to life! Friendly advice: don’t wait too long, spots fill up quickly. See you in the course!

The promotional price of the course is $299, and access to the course lasts for 3 months.

Fill out the application, and we’ll contact you to explain the next steps.

We have invested a lot of time and energy to share our knowledge with you and help you succeed in this. We want to give you a guarantee, so, for any reason, if the course does not meet your expectations, you can write to us, and we will refund your money.

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